Pension Cerkovnik, Stara Fužina, Bohinj

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We make sure our guests are happy, because that makes us happy too!

We are looking forward to your visit!
Our family Pension can be found in the heart of the Triglav National Park, more specifically in Stara Fužina, just a few minutes' walk from Lake Bohinj.

We are a small family pension with 7 quality furnished rooms and 1 fully equipped apartment.
On the ground floor of the pension, there is also a common room, which serves as a breakfast room in the mornings, and can be transformed into a room for mingling, lectures or seminars.

The pension and its surroundings are suitable for visits in all seasons. If you visit us in summer or winter, you will certainly not be bored with us.

In addition to an exceptional starting point for exploring the wonderful naturalattractions that are located in the immediate vicinity of the pension, we are also proud of the well-maintained cycling and walking path that leads directly past our accommodation. It is ideal for couple or familycycling trips and walks and offers fantastic views.

Our family has been running the Pension for many years, and we pride ourselves on excellent hospitality and homeliness.

We invite you to visit us and let yourself be indulged

What places to visit in Bohinj?

Viewpoint Peč
The Peč observation point is located 50 meters below the top of the Peč hill, which demarcates the Upper and Lower Bohinj valleys. In all seasons, it offers a wonderful and easily accessible view of the Bohinj valley with the Komna plateau, Lake Bohinj, Ribčev Laz and the surrounding peaks.
The observation point is located in the immediate vicinity of Pension Cerkovnik and is easily accessible.
Trip time: 25 minutes one way.

''Devil's'' bridge and Vogar
A little above the Zois-mansion in Stara Fužina, there is a bridge carved out of stone, which takes you high above the Mostnica gorge and offers dizzying views.
Vogar is one of the most visited excursion spots due to its quick access and mountain lodge. Climbing it can be an independent excursion or a starting point for longer tours in the surrounding area.
With its 1054 meters, Vogar is the easternmost peak of the ridge above the northern shore of Lake Bohinj. It has become a popular excursion spot because of the wonderful views of the Upper and Lower Bohinj valleys, the lake basin and the peaks of the Bohinjsko-Tolminski mountains.
Due to favorable thermal conditions, Vogar is also a popular starting point for paragliding flights.
Trip time: up to 2 hours.

Korita Mostnice and the Voje valley + strudel in the Voje mountain lodge
Korita Mostnica and the Voje valley are among the most beautiful and most visited natural sights in Bohinj. On the way through the gorge, you can admire the crystal clear water and boldly transformed rocks, enjoy the varied flora and fauna and the cultural landscape, which has been nurtured by the local residents over the centuries. In the summer, the path leads us among the cows and their bells to the waterfall, where the Voje valley ends.
We suggest you visit the Voje mountain lodge, where they have been known for their excellent strudel for years.

Uskovnica is accessible by road from Pokljuka or from the direction of Bohinj, and it is even more fun if you visit Uskovnica on foot. Besides the stunning views the plateau offers, on the location you can find just renewed mountain hut. Ribs with horseradish and beans, buckwheat slice or unforgettable cheese štrukli. Ms. Agata cooks with heart.

Savica waterfall
The Savica waterfall is not the only waterfall in the world that can be called a double waterfall, although this makes it truly charming. It is also not the only waterfall that rains at the end of the world and it is not the only one that rains in the land of Golden-Horn. But he is certainly unique in the other dualities that are part of his life story.
The Savica waterfall is unique among waterfalls in the world, as the water flow already splits into two strands in the hidden underground. The famous waterfall in the shape of the letter A at normal water level comes to the surface at an altitude of 836 m above sea level and is 78 m high.

Beautiful views from Vogel
The Vogel ski area and viewpoint are named after the 1,923-meter-high mountain located in the southeastern part of the Julian Alps. Nihalka takes you to the Rjava skala, 1,000 meters above Lake Bohinj, at an altitude of 1,535 meters. From there you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the Bohinj Basin with Lake Bohinj. You can also admire the Julian Alps and its highest peak Triglav.

Fishing on Sava Bohinjka
Clear waters, dramatic nature, silence under the mountains and sloppy fish always ensure interesting fishing and attract more and more fly fishing enthusiasts.
Despite the fact that, out of concern for the natural balance, we limit visits, especially in the most sensitive fishing areas, there are plenty of experiences for fishermen and nature lovers. In addition, the idyllic mountain world always offers new experiences.
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Viewpoint Peč
Viewpoint Vogar
Mostnice gorge
Fishing in Sava Bohinjka